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Leah, a young teenage girl, thinks she is in love with fellow high school senior Jacob. The big problem is that Jacob is dating Leah's younger sister Rachel. Rachel and Leah couldn't be more different. Rachel is a popular and outspoken cheerleader. Leah is a quiet and shy, gothic type girl. One day Jacob mistakenly notices Leah after a mix up on an internet chat site where Leah deliberately changes her clothing style to be more like her younger sister.

Joseph is a new kid at school that just doesn't seem to fit in. Unlike most teenage guys in the school who are mostly concerned with parties, sports and girls, Joseph is a straight-A student. He spends most of his time involved in activities with the church youth group. Most people in school write him off as the Holy-roller Christian kid. That is, except for the over-flirty teenage girl in his class who is out to see if Joseph practices everything he preaches.

Will Leah learn that love isn't based on appearances? Will Joseph overcome sexual temptation? Is this love or is it lust? Do they know what love is?

Do you?